Joining the Conversation Drives Innovation

Leading up to their upcoming Innovation Forum, Fortune has launched a new blog, Business Innovation 2005, which features interviews with a diverse collection of business thinkers on what’s driving innovation today. Kudos to them for talking to people besides “the usual suspects” and for using the blog platform as the vehicle. It’s a great read – I spent a couple of hours there between the original content and the links out to other good stuff.

They interviewed me on joining the conversation, featuring my responses to the following questions:

1. How can mid-size to large companies use blogs, social networking sites and virtual communities in innovative ways?

2. What are the current buzzwords about innovation in the entrepreneurial world?

3. What Fortune 500 companies have been able to create a successful, entrepreneurial culture?

Check out the full interview. You can also stop by my longer commentary on for a short reading list of my favorite picks for entrepreneurs from the Business Innovation blog .