The Struggle to Find your Niche

One of the keys to a successful blog is to find your niche. Original content is what makes a blog unique and worthwhile. It is what makes a blog a ‘must read’. It is what makes someone subscribe to your RSS feed.

Bloggers who get to ‘break stories’ or have the ‘first scoop’ on the latest news have incredibly large audiences. The same holds true for bloggers with name recognition who provide original opinion or analysis pieces. Both types of bloggers are the movers-and-shakers of the blogosphere, often shaping what others blog about (as I mentioned on Friday).

Fortunately, businesses, organizations, and a good number of individuals can avoid this blogosphere struggle because many of them already have found their niche – they already have captivated audiences in the real world.

For example, a health and wellness business with a relatively established customer base could use a blog to speak about the benefits of new products or tips for healthy living.  A pastor of a church could connect with his congregation throughout the week and not solely on Sunday mornings. Authors could also make the ideas behind their books much more ‘alive’.

This struggle really boils down to how you add value to your readers. There is no better way to find that out than to ask them. Their feedback should help you fine tune your content strategy and ensure that your blog maintains relevance in an ever growing blogosphere.