Forbes Blasts Blogs

Forbes’ Attack of the Blogs article is definitely the hot topic in the blogosphere this week. A Google search on “Attack of the Blogs” will provide you with ample reading material, mostly well-deserved vitriolic rants against the article.

I do, though, think that Dave Taylor’s take on it is worth reading – a contrarian view from most of the rest of the bloggers who have commented on this. I also recommend the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Free Speech vs. Bad Advice and Attack of the Printing Press to help put it in a broader context.

My take on it is best summed up by Pat, one of the commenters on Dvorak Uncensored:

The Forbes article does take a slanted view and commits the same wrong that it accuses bloggers of. The facts might be accurate in themselves, but between the lines there was a lot of missing information. That missing information does slant the article into an anti-blog statement. The opinions garnered from this article will then be re-told as heinous facts, citing only the negative.