"Blog" Is Still Jargon

Jonathan Carson of BuzzMetrics and the Word of Mouth Marketing Association reports on new findings from Nielson regarding blog readership, confirming something we conjectured in The Virtual Handshake.

According to the Nielsen study, only 6% of the general population report that they read blogs occasionally or every day, and 60% say they’ve never even heard of a blog. The shocker, though (not to me), is that when they looked at the sites survey respondents were visiting, 13% of the people who visit blogs regularly reported that they “had never heard of blogs”. Fully 50% of blog visitors reported that they knew what a blog is, or have heard of them, but don’t read them. That means that almost 2/3 of blog readers have no idea that they’re reading this thing called a blog.

That, my friends, is why the market for blogs and the ecosystem around them is still wide open.