The Blogging Enterprise – Who's Winning with Blogs?

I see and hear blogging success stories all the time from small businesses and solo practitioners, and there are well-known success stories from tech industry giants like Microsoft’s Channel 9 and Macromedia’s blogs. Todays’s panelists Todd Watson and Tom Parish also talked about IBM developerWorks blogs and Steve Rubel and Shel Israel told of several who have:

  • GM FastLane from GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz
  • BlogMaverick from Dallas Mavericks owner and serial entrepreneur Mark Cuban
  • Association of National Advertisers, whose blog posts frequently get picked up directly by Advertising Age and other media
  • Stonyfield Farm, who provides an inside look at the company, plus three topical blogs on the issues their customers are interested in
  • Vespa is supporting Vespa-related blogs with early looks at Vespa products and services, free accessory merchandise and media exposure
  • Boeing, with their sponsorship of inFlightHQ and their ground-breaking 777 Flight Test Journal (though Shel also blasted their Marketing VP Randy Baseler’s blog for being a smarmy whitewash job)
  • Richard Edelman, head of the world’s largest PR firm (Shel: “He gives me access to conversations which I could otherwise never be a part of.”)
  • Vichy, a French cosmetics firm that, after a major faux pas with a fake blog, redeemed itself with a blog led by one of France’s top women bloggers recounting the stories of several real women as they go through the process of peel microabrasion

Rubel says that companies need to connect directly with their customers in the online world by:
1. Find
2. Listen
3. Engage
4. Empower

Shel Israel says that the winning attributes for a blog are:
– Authenticity
– Passion
– Authority
– Human fallibility
– Frequency
– Integrity

John Moore said (one of my favorite sound bites from the conference), “With blogs, small can look big and big can get small.”

What’s your take?
– What other large corporations outside of the tech industry are using blogs effectively?
– What are effective strategies for corporate blogs?
– How can corporations “join the conversation”?

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