The Blogging Enterprise – Continuing the Conversation

I had a great time at The Blogging Enterprise conference here in Austin today. It was a pleasure to meet keynoters Steve Rubel and Shel Israel, as well as so many other intriguing fellow panelists and attendees (far too many to list and link to every single one here).

Well, I took copious notes, sort of. But as I so typically do, I find myself frequently getting so engrossed in what was being said that I got distracted from taking notes! Fortunately, several others were blogging live from the event:

Shel Israel on:
Steve Rubel’s keynote
Kickstarting Blogging Panel
RSS Panel
Brian Oberkirch and the Slidell Hurricane Blog

Steve Rubel on:
RSS Panel
Citizen Journalism Panel

Michael Cote on:
Steve Rubel’s keynote
Legal Issues and Corporate Blogging Policies
RSS Panel
Crisis Blogging Panel
PR & Blogs Panel
Thought Leadership Panel
Shel Israel’s keynote

UPDATE: More conference posts from…
Brian Oberkirch:
Matt Mullenweg
DIY Media Panel
Employee Blog Policies
Shel Israel on crisis response time
Shel Israel on what PR should do
John Moore of Brand Autopsy

Andy Skelton – Conference sound bites

Jon Lebkowsky – His notes

To pick up more notes and post-conference conversation, visit the category at Technorati.

But I left the day hungry for more… more dialogue, more conversation about the topics raised today. I wanted to hear more input, not just questions, from the participants. I wanted to hear what other panelists had to say about the topics from other panels.

So instead of posting my notes organized by panel and speaker, I’m going to continue the conversation by doing a series of posts about the major themes of the day, and I invite those of you who attended (and any of you who didn’t but just find the topics interesting) to post your comments below or write about them in your own blog. Please be sure to use the tag and trackback to the starter post here to make it easier for everyone to follow the distributed conversation.