New company profiles in Virtual Handshake wiki

I’m glad to report that the Virtual Handshake Corporate Profiles Wiki is growing steadily. New additions include Buzzoodle
and GoBig Network. Check out their profiles and please add your comments!

I’ve joined GoBig, and it seems that some members are getting useful traction from it. I had told Wil Schroter that I was skeptical of YASNS with a siloed model.

I’m particularly skeptical of the ability in GoBig to send a blanket request for funding. Inevitably, I expect the havenots (starving entrepreneurs) will chase out the haves (VCs). Kleiner Perkins once did an analysis of their investments, and found that they had never done a deal which didn’t come through their *pre-existing* network.

However, GoBig does seem to be getting some traction, and I do see potential value in matching potential teammates in entrepreneurial ventures (the model of Entremate). . In addition, there’s certainly value in creating a resource guide to entrepreneurs, although there’s lots of competition for providing that service.