Get Paid to Blog

Ever wondered how you could get to paid to blog, but you weren’t quite ready to set up your own blog from scratch?

Or maybe you have your own blog, but you’re having a hard time getting enough traffic to it to make any money at it?

Or maybe you have a blog that’s about one particular topic, and you’d occasionally like to write about other topics, but don’t think it’s a good fit for your existing blog?

If any of these describes you, then you’ll definitely want to check out Creative Reporter. The deal is simple — sign up, post to any of Creative Weblogging‘s blogs and you get paid $10 per 1,000 page views (FYI, that’s a very good pay rate). They do have some basic guidelines – they’re looking for original posts, not just links and summaries (those won’t usually attract as much traffic anyway).

In case you’re not familiar with it, Creative Weblogging is a blog network similar to Weblogs Inc., Corante or’s Business Blogs. The big difference is that all of these only have one blogger per topic, with occasional guest bloggers by invitation only. With Creative Reporter, anybody can contribute to any of Creative Weblogging’s 40+ blogs, including topics ranging from aviation to VOIP.

I think this is a really smart move on Creative Weblogging’s part from a business standpoint. Not only will it increase the amount of content on their site, it should also increase their readership because of the network effect from new contributors, who will have a vested interested in helping promote the site to their friends and acquaintances. Since they apparently have enough advertisers paying per impression to cover this, it’s a no-lose proposition for them. And it couldn’t be easier for bloggers, since there’s nothing to set up. Just register and start posting.