Having trouble viewing this? Go Here.

I’m a regular reader of SellingPower.com‘s newsletters — great content for anyone in any kind of sales role, including small business owners. This week, my laptop is in the shop, so I’m operating 100% from the web — I have no Outlook.

So SellingPower’s latest newsletter came through to me as text-only, and isn’t very readable. OK… I expect that. What I didn’t expect was this:

Having trouble viewing this? Go Here.

Yup – just like that. No hyperlink. It’s plain text. “Go Here.”

Hello?!?!? If I’m having trouble viewing it, it probably means I’m seeing text-only, not HTML. You need to give me a URL, not a hyperlink, because, well… I’m having trouble viewing this!

The bigger lesson here is just a reminder that not everyone is always able to view HTML e-mails. I’m not suggesting that means you should switch to text-only e-mail, but if it’s a critical communication going out to a lot of people, make sure it degrades cleanly so that all recipients can use it.