Wired News: Cash in on Your Social Network

Joanna Glasner of Wired writes about the new social network-based recruiting systems, such as H3, Jobster, LinkedIn, and Accolo, in Wired News: Cash in on Your Social Network

For job seekers who like to network, the introduction of more referral-based online recruiting services sounds like it ought to be a good thing. But David Teten, co-author of The Virtual Handshake: [Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online], a book on social networking [online], says such services can work better for unsociable types who are dedicated to their jobs.

Who you know does matter, Teten noted, but what they think of you matters more.

“If you know 100 people, and they all think you’re mediocre, then you really don’t have a great network,” he said.

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