9/30 in New York: Enterprise Social Software & Tools: Business Blogs & Narratives

Nitron Advisors is a corporate sponsor of this event:

Enterprise Social Software & Tools: Business Blogs & Narratives
— Friday, Sept 30, 2005 —
— 8:00am – 5:00pm, NYC —



Enterprise Social Software & Tools: Business Blogs & Narratives is a Cluster experience in two parts. Part One is “Next Practices” — a deep dive of over 70 case studies of successful enterprise, corporate and institutional blogs, wikis and RSS.

Part Two is appearances and book signing by two of the most distinguished and globally recognized thought leaders on knowledge management, enterprise narratives and the rapidly changing nature of work, Steve Denning and Bill Jensen.

Both parts are described below.

The most immediate and practical social media are of course, blogs, wikis and Enterprise RSS. Many people are asking for independent, non-vendor, case-based advice on the best approaches to implementations, rules of the road, success stories and Next Practices.

Upon completion of Business Blogs: Next Practices you will —

  • Understand what critical competitive advantages blogs bring to business
  • Be able to assess the opportunities and risks of business blogs
  • Understand the uses of blogs for external and internal communication
  • Lead blog tactics for Personal Knowledge Management
  • Understand wikis and how they accelerate effective collaboration
  • Know how to get your blog at the top of the search engines
  • Understand the basics of Enterprise RSS how-to syndicate blogs
  • Define clear blogging objectives for your business
  • Be able to start a business blog with confidence
  • Organizational blogging can be challenging and risky to implement. It can also have a major and continuous impact to productivity and effectiveness.

    Blogs can greatly increasing the reach and richness of all knowledge-based business processes. Individuated social media can be instrumental in transforming employees into leaders. Effective blogs create sustained value.
    The best, least expensive way to learn how to lead your implementations is to ask the experts. It is FAR more cost effective to shape your approach through authentic conversation and case-based learning, than by costly trial and error.


    Part Two — Enterprise Narrative and What Really Matters

    Your event sponsors are delighted to announce that Steve Denning and Bill Jensen will join your Fall 2005 NYC KM Cluster in person.

    Steve Denning, globally recognized enterprise KM authority and storyteller extraordinaire, will lead conversations on the importance of narrative and his latest book, “The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling: Mastering the Art and Discipline of Business Narrative. http://www.stevedenning.com/

    Bill Jensen, of Simplicity and Work 2.0 fame, will discuss these principles and his latest work, “What is Your Life’s Work? — Answer the BIG Question About What Really Matters…and Reawaken the Passion for What You Do.”

    The social reorientation of knowledge work, productivity and innovation is accelerating rapidly. New tools and techniques are essential to competition and prosperity in these new professional and personal habitats. The work ecologies of the future require personal mastery of narrative and electronic technology. Maintaining and improving focus on what matters is critical.

    Blogs and the narratives they create are the keys to fundamental professional and personal advancements. Your Fall 2005 Cluster event provides the foundations and insights need to thrive in the 21st century’s knowledge-based environments.

    Participation is limited to optimize conversation and collaboration. All material, meals, refreshments and registration are included. All event participants receive a full license for an electronic copy of “Business
    Blogs: A Practical Guide,” and all of the important case studies, implementation guidelines and research.

    This action/research gathering provides the gentle on-ramp need to assure immediate and ongoing success with social media, narrative and discovering what really matters.

    Wi-Fi enabled laptops are recommended. A one year subscription to the Cluster SharePoint collaboration environment is also included. These workspaces contain all event memory, presentations, rosters, papers and other materials from the far-flung Cluster network.

    Cost: $349. RSVP