SBA Business Matchmaking Online

The Small Business Administration, drawing on their traditional face-to-face conferences, is now launching an experiment in online business matchmaking:

Business Matchmaking is a partnership between the U.S. Small Business Administration and HP, matching small companies with federal, state, and local government agencies and large corporations that have actual contract opportunities for products and services offered by smaller companies. The program’s goal is to stimulate jobs and growth for small business by taking advantage of opportunities that are normally relegated to distinct geographical areas such as the Washington DC Beltway or the city where a major corporation is located.

Business Matchmaking combines education and counseling by expert small business advisors and topical experts with networking and matchmaking through regional face-to-face events. In addition to the regional face-to-face events, the Business Matchmaking Online Network is being intoduced in five pilot communities. This will provide telephone-based interviews after electronic matching between small businesses and procurement representatives. A comprehensive online service will further equip small businesses with essential information, education, tools, databases and communications.

The program is in its third year and has received numerous accolades from small business participants and participating government and corporate procurement organizations. Since its inception, Business Matchmaking has matched small business sellers with procurement representative buyers in more than 23,000 appointments resulting in more than $26 Million in contracts. In addition, Business Matchmaking has received significant support by the media that helps us communicate the availability of this free program to small business.

Via Dan Koifman