Seeking CEO, Virtual Handshake Enterprises

Seeking CEO, Virtual Handshake Enterprises


Would you like to take the key leadership role in a unique, fast-growing training, consulting, and information products company?

The Virtual Handshake ( ) is the leading resource guide to the social software industry. We run a popular blog, directory and wiki of the major social software companies, a Reader’s Guide, and many other resources for users of online networks/social software. We have several different revenue streams:
+ sales of our book
+ public speaking
+ webinars
+ consulting
+ affiliate programs (coming soon),
+ and more to come.

Your Responsibilities

+ Market the book, The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online
+ Promote our website
+Sell projects to clients for consulting services in social software.
+ Recruit and manage associated consultants.
+ Build strategic partnerships
+ Organize webinars and other events related to online networks/social software
+ Recruit bloggers and writers for other future publications from the Virtual Handshake Enterprises
+ Identify and initiate new revenue streams.

This is a position for someone interested in rolling up his/her sleeves, executing existing assignments, and building a major company from our unique base. You will report to David Teten, Co-Author, The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online and Chairman of The Virtual Handshake Enterprises.

The Company

The Virtual Handshake Enterprises is an early-stage company whose key assets are the website, blog, book, directory, and associated infrastructure. The Company is currently a virtual company based out of Manhattan.


You will be paid generously based on a percentage of revenues that you generate. There is no guaranteed base. If you are seeking stability and certainty, this is not the job for you. If you want to make your mark as a leader in one of the fastest growing areas in the software industry, then let’s talk.


+ Proven experience in entrepreneurial startup situation.

+ Significant management experience. Currently, we have no full-time staff, but over time we expect you to build a core team.

+ Strong sales, marketing, and communications “street-fighter” skills.

+ Extensive experience delivering services to professional services clients.

+ Expertise in social software and internet marketing. Value experience in internet community management. Please note that expertise in social software is very different than simply being a heavy user of LinkedIn, OpenBC, or another major online social network

+ Experience in strategy consulting, investment banking, or private equity is highly valued.

Include in resume

+ Your ideas on what revenue streams you would generate for The Virtual Handshake Enterprises based on the current assets of the company. In other words, what is your business plan?

+ Writing sample (essay or other material that you have written for any purpose)

+ Confirmation you are legally eligible to work in the USA.

+ Recent salary history and expectations (including bonuses).

+ Location. We have a strong bias towards basing this position in New York.

How to Apply

Contact via e-mail only; do not call. Save your resume in Microsoft Word format with the name “Last Name_First Name_Year.doc”, e.g., “Gerstner_Louis_2005.doc”. Please include all of the information that we request above, or we will not be able to consider your application. Please write “Virtual Handshake CEO” and your name in the subject line of your email. For example, write “Virtual Handshake CEO-Gerstner Louis”. Mail resume to Resumes(at)