24/7, Teens are Online

One of the reasons why I think the future of communication is online: because that’s how the next generation communicates. The LA Times reports on how Today’s teens are connected 24/7, in a way that their parents no doubt can’t fully comprehend.

“I had heard that a guy in my English class wanted to get to know me better, so we got each other’s screen names, and after one weekend of IM-ing we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend, solely on the basis of IMs,” Bruno recalled.

“He would say something, and I’d have time to say, ‘What should I say back?’ instead of just mumbling something. I’d type something and just before sending, would rethink it,” she said. “Just the fact that you’re not expected to write back right away helps. You’re expected to be talking to other people. You can kind of use that to your advantage.”

Via Stowe Boyd