Yet another reason to be careful about your public online image

From MediaBistro’s FishBowl LA:

At least once a week, the NYT Styles section prints an article that raises the same question within the inquisitive minds of readers coast to coast. “Is [quirky social habit identified in the article] a genuine trend, or did the writer just get the idea from some guy/girl he/she knows from [fancy liberal arts college that wait-listed me]?” To explore this question, Fishbowl decided to juxtapose a recent article with an internet-aided reconstruction of the writer’s social milieu. The results are interesting. Forget “follow the money.” Follow the Friendster!


Regardless of your view of this story, there are clearly a few lessons:
1) Use pseudonyms whenever possible.
2) Be very careful around journalists.
3) Monitor your online image.

Via Gawker