Seeking Journalists/Bloggers Interested in Writing Project: Blogs, Social Network Sites, Social Software, and other Online Business Networks

We are seeking one or more people who would like to co-write a series of articles on “social software”: blogs, social network sites, virtual communities, and so on. This is an ideal project for a journalist (or aspiring journalist) interested in learning more about writing, publishing, blogs, social network sites, social software, and other online business networks. These articles are connected with the promotion & marketing of TheVirtualHandshake book and website.

In addition, we are seeking additional bloggers to contribute to the Virtual Handshake blog.

+ Most important, personal publicity and credibility as an industry expert. If you are a consultant, trainer, or in other ways want to monetize your expertise in this area, writing in this field is perhaps the single most important step you can take to accelerate your client flow.
+ Work with thought leaders and industry leaders in social software.
+ Very positive references (if merited).
+ Compensation: For articles published in magazines/newspapers/etc. (excluding The Virtual Handshake itself), you will receive 100% of compensation from the premier publications in which you are published. You will be paid at standard freelance writer rates. Bloggers contributing to the Virtual Handshake blog itself are not compensated (other than through affiliate programs).

+ Learn more about blogs, social software, and online social networks and how businesspeople are using these new technologies
+ Write articles and blog posts around these themes, e.g., “How to Use Online Networks to Become a Dramatically More Effective Salesperson”; “Online Networks for Korean-Americans”; etc.
+ Interview and learn from opinion leaders.

+ Experience in writing, journalism, internet marketing, and online social networks highly desirable.
+ Excitement about being part of the team producing an innovative book.
+ Highly motivated self-starter who has a track record of continuous self-improvement, high achievement, and aggressiveness.
+ Strong interpersonal communication skills, adept writing, editing, and presentation skills.
+ Poised, professional demeanor.

+ Dates/hours of availability.
+ Evidence of writing/communication/editing skills, including writing samples (e.g., articles you have written for a mass market, non-academic audience)
+ Physical location. You can do all of the work on this project remotely. However, if you are in the New York or Austin, TX, area, that is preferable.

Contact via e-mail only; do not call. Save your resume in Microsoft Word format with the name “Last Name_First Name_Year.doc”, e.g., “Smith_John_2005.doc”. Please make sure that you include all of the information that we request above, or we will not be able to consider your application.

Please send resume and cover letter to Resumes(at) with “Writer” and your name in the subject line. For example, write “Writer–Smith John”.