Who are the A-List?

An A-list blogger is just a traditional influencer, online. One of the key steps in The Virtual Handshake buzz marketing plan is to get copies of the book in front of thought leaders in our target audiences (detailed in the most recent post). If these influencers are interested in The Virtual Handshake, their recommendations will be worth much more than a massive advertising campaign (which we, and most new authors, do not want to pay for).

The question Hunter Hoffmann and we have been debating: how do we determine who are the A-List influencers (including but definitely not limited to bloggers) in the industries we’re targeting? Some of the research methods we’ve been using include, but are not limited to:

  • Searches on “Entrepreneurship” + blog, “Sales” + blog, etc.
  • Amazon.com searches for Top 30 book titles in each category
  • Technorati.com searches on top blogs by links and traffic
  • Searches for columnists in the major magazines in each category

The tactics we are using can be replicated by anyone else seeking to create buzz.

More to come soon …