Launching a Social Software Company Wiki

Following up on Jason Coward‘s post on the open-source redesign of TheVirtualHandshake, we are proud to announce the relaunch of our social software company directory as a wiki. A wiki is a collection of Web pages that are editable by any reader. Wikis use extremely simple linking and formatting commands rather than requiring people to learn HTML.

We have seeded the social software company directory with profiles by Scott Allen and/or me of the following companies:, Classmates, Company of Friends, Contact Network Corporation, Craigslist, Ecademy, Entopia, IdeaList, JobThread, Knowmentum, LinkedIn,, MediaBistro, Meetup, Monster Networking, NetAid, Orkut, Ryze, SelectMinds, Spoke, TheSquare , Topica, Tribe, Value Investors Club, Webmaster World, Yahoo! Groups, eWomenNetwork. Working with our readers, we plan to include profiles of all of the major and some of the minor social software companies, to help guide our readers.

In order to minimize spam on the guide, and improve the average quality of the contributions, we require people to log in and prove that they have a physical copy of The Virtual Handshake book. Once you have a Reader’s ID, you can browse our Reader’s Guide, get free coupons for discounts from major social software companies, read updates to the book, and also make changes and additions to our Social Software Guide .

We welcome and value your feedback on the site.