Finder's fees for helping companies hire their next employee

One of the patterns I keep seeing in the social software space is people figuring out how to monetize their networks. One of the most obvious paths is referral fees.

I recently had a conversation with Eric Yoon of JobThread, and Auren Hoffman of KarmaOne, two companies which provide financial incentives to people to refer job candidates to employers. We are adding a detailed profile of JobThread to our Social Software Site Guide and Wiki.

These companies’ direct competitors include,, Jobster looks like it has achieved the most traction to date. More generally, there are two types of potential competitors:

* Online recruitment market leaders (Monster, CareerBuilder, Yahoo! HotJobs)
* Social networking companies targeting online recruitment dollars (LinkedIn, Ryze,

In addition, recruitment process outsourcing companies such as Accolo sometimes incorporate this technology into their service.

Disclosure: we are evaluating these providers for use by Nitron Advisors, and Teten Recruiting has a strategic partnership with Accolo.