H0w to Get a Free Review Copy of New Book, "The Virtual Handshake"

Are you interested in reading a preview copy of our new book, The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online?

This will be the first mass market book about how you can find new clients, raise capital, recruit star employees, or even find a great new job by using online networks. More technically, this is the first mass market book about “social software”: blogs, social network sites, relationship capital management software, and so on. The CEOs of many of the leading companies in this industry have already raved about the book, including the CEOs of Military.com, Best Software, Ecademy, Cvent, Contact Network, and Ryze…not to mention Craig Newmark (craigslist), Bob Cialdini (bestselling author of Influence), and Ivan Misner (Business Network International), among many others. Harvard Business School’s “Working Knowledge” newsletter wrote: “This comprehensive book is a smart addition to any company bookshelf.” The publisher is the American Management Association.

We are now looking for reviewers interested in our book. We would be happy to send you a copy. All we ask is that you consider writing a review of the book, and/or mentioning it in a news story related to the themes of our book.

If you write for a major newspaper, magazine, or major online news service, please contact Ms. Kama Timbrell, Associate Publicity Manager, AMACOM Books, ktimbrell(at)TheVirtualHandshake.com, and send her your name, publication, mailing address, email, and circulation.


We will only consider providing complimentary copies to people with newsletters with at least 2,500 verified readers; and/or to bloggers with at least 300 incoming links on Google. If you’re interested, please mail your name, publication, circulation, title, company, email, phone, and mailing address as soon as possible to Ms. Kama Timbrell, ktimbrell(at)thevirtualhandshake.com . If appropriate, you may also be interested in joining our Amazon affiliate program.

For purchases of 5 or more copies, please contact Renita Hanfling for Amacom’s quantity discount schedule. Discounts start at 40% off retail.

Please note that we have only very limited supplies of complimentary copies; we can only provide reviewer copies to influencers in a position to reach many readers.

Thank you!