Centrality, new journal about relationship capital

Via Stowe Boyd, I just read about the launch of Centrality, the “relationship capital journal”, sponsored by Visible Path. Contributors are Stowe, Antony Brydon, Suw Charman, and Stanley Wasserman.

One noteworthy comment from Ray Lane, buried in the body of an interview with him:

We’ve looked at some of the early small companies that are using Visible Path, today. And usage starts high and then drops off. And it drops off because they’re too small to use it effectively. Their relationship base is not big enough for the sales teams that are trying to exploit it.

This is one of the reasons that revenues in this space are not as easy to come by as most of the players had hoped (from all that I’m hearing through the grapevine). As I wrote earlier, implementing relationship capital management software can require significant cultural change.