Social Software and Online Social Networks at the MIT Forum of Israel, Jan. 3

For any readers who are in Israel, I’m also appearing on a panel Monday, January 3.

The MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel

in cooperation with

The Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration

The Virtual Handshake: Social Software and Online Social Networks

David Teten & Avinoam Ben-Zeev

Monday, January 3rd, 16:30-19:00

Kess Hamishpat Hall (ground floor), Buchman Building- Law Faculty, Tel Aviv University

Free of charge parking available at the University if you register by January 2nd, 2005

Main Topics which will be discussed by David Teten:

· “Social software” – software that allows you to analyze, build, and leverage your social network. Blogs, relationship capital management software, social network software, web conferencing, email lists, chat, instant messaging, Internet telephony, and virtual communities.

· Why is this sector so hot? What is social software? Is there really a business in this? We saw some of this in the early days of the Internet, with PlanetAll, SixDegrees, and countless virtual communities; what’s different this time around? Who are the leaders in each sector? Who’s making money? How can you personally use this technology to become more effective?

Main Topics which will be discussed by Avinoam Ben-Zeev

Ben-Zeev is a philosopher who wrote a book about cyberspace behaviour. In his talk he will focus on the existence of fictional characters over the WWW, including business opportunities which emerge from new developments in cyberspace. These include

· Virtual characters’ legal status

· The economy of virtual characters

· Virtual economy and its impact on offline economic behaviour

· Economic behaviour of cyberspace characters

· Imaginary identities as a gateway to economic opportunities

About the Speakers:

David Teten is CEO of Nitron Advisors, LLC ( ), which provides venture capitalists and other institutional investors with access to frontline industry experts. He also chairs Teten Recruiting ( ), an executive recruiting firm specializing in the institutional investor, strategy consulting, and investment banking industries. The American Management Association will release in May the first book by David Teten and Scott Allen, The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online ( David was formerly CEO of an Israel-based financial services company specializing in internet domain names. He holds a Harvard MBA and a Yale BA.

Avinoam Ben-Zeev is a philosopher and a lecturer in Oranim College. He served as head of the department of integrating the computer and the internet with education. He has published seven non-fiction books, all of which deal with the philosophy of social aspects of human behaviour.

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