Survey on the future of social network software

We recently created with FountainPark a unique survey to determine the future of social network software. FountainPark, a Finnish company, creates an environment-monitoring solutions for large organizations operating in volatile business environments. In particular, they help companies catch “weak signals” which may help guide them in their planning.

Participating in the survey will not only give you a chance to brainstorm about the future of social software; it will also give you a chance to play with their unusual software. We welcome your feedback on the survey.

To see the survey, visit

and use
username: social
password: network

Here’s more information:

Can you accelerate your career with social network software?

Business is under pressure now more than ever to do more with less — bigger, better, cheaper, faster. But at what cost? At the cost of human relationships?

It doesn’t have to be. The internet offers powerful tools to help you find the right people, connect with them, build trust and rapport, and collaborate with them quickly and cost-effectively. “Social network software” such as email lists, online chat, instant messaging, Internet telephony, web conferencing, virtual communities, blogs, social visibility software, and can help you to find new clients, get a new job, or accomplish everything else you are working to achieve.

We designed this brief study to learn about how people can best use these tools. Participation is completely anonymous.

The results of this assessment will be used in two ways. First, David Teten and Scott Allen will use the findings in connection with their research for their forthcoming book, The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online. The American Management Association will publish the book in Spring 05.

Second, Fountain Park (the developer of this software), will use the results of this inquiry to study/look into the developments of social networks and network software in their own R&D. Fountain Park is a provider of innovative software solutions and web services that help streamline strategic management and decision-making.

You can respond to this web-based questionnaire any time before Tuesday, January 3rd 2005.