Blog Business Summit – January 24-25, 2005 – Seattle

Blog Business Summit 2005 looks to be a great event:

This event will show you how your business can leverage current real-world blogging techniques, tools and platforms to promote and enhance your ventures.

The scheduled speakers include:
Brian Alvey, cofounder of Weblogs, Inc.
DL Byron of Textura Design
Glenn Fleishman of Wi-Fi Networking News
Jason Fried of 37signals (creators of Basecamp and designers of Meetup)
Molly E. Holzschlag
Robert Scoble
Steve Broback of Avondale Media

The event is being held at the Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle on January 24-25, 2005. For those in the area, it’s a must. For everyone else, it definitely looks to be worth the trip.