Profile of the International Executives Resource Group

We are adding this profile of The International Executives Resource Group to our Social Networking Site Guide:

The International Executives Resource Group is a nonprofit organization of “C-level” senior business executives, primarily focused on helping its members to seek new jobs. The IERG hired SalemGlobal to build a very successful online interface to complement its traditional face-to-face meetings.

The IERG started as a support organization for executives in transition, but is evolving to be a general-purpose senior executives’ group. They hold face-to-face meetings every two weeks in New York and Boston, with a growing UK presence, and also have an active online community. Membership includes CEOs, COOs, Presidents, and Managing Directors, many of whom have run companies or divisions with over $100 million in revenue. The typical age is about mid-40s. Members live globally, but the greatest concentration are in the Northeast.

The requirements for admission are:

• Senior general management or line management role.
• Five years minimum international experience.
• Earning now or previously a minimum annual base salary of $150,000.
• Commitment to participate in face to face meetings and/or share at least one personally vetted, senior-level job lead monthly.
• Commitment to supporting fellow members of the group.
• Payment of annual dues.

Applicants must be nominated by an existing member and pass a phone interview. The Admissions Committee particularly looks for people who pro-actively offer to introduce the IERG to executive recruiters and who can share qualified leads with the group. Anyone who fails those tests is unlikely to be offered entry.

One Admissions Committee member makes sure to talk briefly about her own job search when interviewing an applicant. If the applicant fails to offer any advice or brainstorm any leads, that applicant will likely not be admitted.

Both members and external executive recruiters can search through the online profiles to find appropriate people to meet. In addition, members can opt to participate in three separate mailing lists: “FYI” (for events or news items worth reviewing), “Leads” (job openings), and “Requests” (requests for assistance, introductions, information).

A typical email sent to the “Requests” mailing list:

“A friend of mine has developed a consumer product that is ready for commercialization. A business associate of hers has offered to manage the private placement process to attract angel investors and would stay on during the product launch as CFO/COO. He has asked for 15% of equity (undiluted) for doing so (which he would vest into over time). Is this a reasonable and standard equity percentage, or is his request too rich, considering that she has invested about $100,000 of her own capital in the project and two years of her time to-date?

If anyone is knowledgeable about deal structures and can provide insight on
the above, please let me know.“

The IERG has approximately 300 members. Many members report that they have started companies with partners they met through the IERG, or found jobs through introductions provided by IERG members. Precisely because it is a group focused on helping people going through the stressful process of a job search, it is relatively easy to build high-strength relationships.