Patent Research on Social Networking Technologies

I just skimmed Boston Patent Research’s new report on patents in social networking platforms and technologies. This is a very thorough report on IP in this space and certainly provides lawyers with fertile hunting ground for monetizable lawsuits.


Boston Patent Research is pleased to announce the upcoming release of its Intellectual Property Survey devoted to Social Networking Technologies. It covers recent and older patents and patent applications relevant to the field.

Social Networking technologies join friends, family members, coworkers and other social communities together. These technologies are convergent, emerging from a variety of applications such as search engines and employee evaluation routines while running on equally diverse platforms from server clusters to wireless phone networks. As such, social network platforms and the multi-sector markets from which they emerge present special challenges to engineers, market specialists and product development managers who wish to discern industry trends and isolate emerging technologies beneficial to their own business.

This research attempts to address these challenges through review of published patents and patent applications. Published patents lend the reader a view of the companies who may be in the best position to shape the market while published applications give the reader a view of the emerging market itself.

In addition, this research gives companies wishing to enter this market (or product development managers wishing to carve out a new niche) an important intellectual property resource, highlighting over 200 of the important patents that should be reviewed before a company commits time and resources to an endeavor in a highly competitive (and, judging from some of the market sectors—highly litigious) marketplace.

The research includes:

  • A review of intellectual property held in over 120 companies in the social networking space (includes social network providers, dating companies and HR companies)
  • A review of over 200 patents selected from a search-based pool of over 10,000 candidates — the review highlights a variety of patents highly relevant to one or more social networking sectors.
  • A review of the intellectual property associated with the Microsoft and IBM social computing groups
  • A review of litigation relevant to the world of social networking
  • Questions regarding research specifics, price and availability should be addressed to John Boddie, owner of Boston Patent Research.