LinkedIn Introduces Reference Check Capabilities

I just received this email from LinkedIn, showing another way they can leverage their database. Reference checks via this channel will likely be more honest than traditional reference checks (whom the candidate always pre-vets).

Dear David,

You know that checking references is a critical step in the hiring process. Unfortunately, tracking down references, outside of those provided by the candidate, typically requires a significant time investment. Not with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has recently introduced Reference Search Beta. Now, by simply entering a company and time period, you can instantly access a list of LinkedIn users in your network who were with that company at that time. The list is sorted by the degrees away from you so you can quickly find and contact the people who may be able to provide the reference.

With over 1.2 million users, you’re bound to find people that can provide valuable information on your candidates and you won’t be solely dependent on the names that they give you. Try out LinkedIn’s Reference Search Beta today, you’ve never seen anything like it.