Barnako's blog blast blunders

Frank Barnako, who I ordinarily have the highest respect for, really blew it today with his comments about political blogs. Commenting on MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann’s new blog, Barnako says, “Almost no one reads them.” He then goes on to quote some statistics from HitWise comparing blog traffic to other political news sources:

In a recent week, traffic to was almost 650 percent greater than that of the most popular such blog.

650%?!? Wow!!!

Wait a minute! 650% is just 6.5 times. In other words, the most popular blog,, which only covers the fairly narrow topic of Democratic politics and a little bit of news commentary, is on the same order of magnitude with, which in addition to covering politics also includes:
– Local news
– National news
– World news
– Business
– Technology
– Health
– Education
– Real Estate
– Obituaries
– Columnists
– Editorials
– Sports
– Style
– Entertainment Guide
– Movie Listings
– TV Listings
– Food & Dining
– Travel
– Music
– Museums
– Message Boards
– And more…

Get the picture?!? I called up HitWise myself to verify the numbers and what exactly they’re measuring, and they’re counting traffic to the entire domain, not just the political section. That’s right… DailyKos’s 3-4 posts a day, created by one person, are on a par with the Washington Post, a major national daily newspaper.

I thought I’d do a little checking of my own. CBS Marketwatch’s share last week was 0.048%. Daily Kos was 0.005%. That’s about 1/10th of ALL of CBS Marketwatch.

If you want to do a fair comparison, let’s compare these bloggers to a single columnist. And let’s talk actual numbers, not just market share, which is deceptively small. DailyKos has about 350,000 readers a day; Instapundit about 250,000; and Wonkette about 70,000.

But “almost no one reads them”.