Scoop! LinkedIn has some new investors

Bopping around LinkedIn tonight, I noticed a new logo (left) on a few choice names. Looks like they’ve brought on some new angel investors. I’m not 100% sure which of these are new and which were previous, but here’s the complete list, near as I can tell (not counting LinkedIn employees/founders):
– Andrew Beebe
– Josh Kopelman
– Loïc Le Meur
– Andrew Anker
– Tom Gruber
– Keith Rabois
– Joe Kraus
– Peter Thiel
– Jun Makihara
– Sunil Paul
– Marc Andreessen
– Gil Penchina
– Robert Clarkson
– Rob Desantis

If you’re a LinkedIn member, you can view the full list. Anyone who can update me on which of these were previous investors and which ones are new please post in the comments.

UPDATE: The story has hit the wires. Here’s an excerpt:

In the biggest bet yet on LinkedIn, venture capital firm Greylock Partners today will announce a $10 million investment in the company. Sequoia Capital, one of the venture capital firms that helped launch online search engine leader Google, had previously led a group of investors that anted up $4.7 million to help launch LinkedIn last year.

The latest cash infusion should be enough to ensure the Mountain View, Calif.-based company’s survival for at least another 18 months, said Reed Hoffman, LinkedIn’s chief executive.

Hoffman and LinkedIn co-founder Konstantin Guericke say they’re confident their 30-employee company will become profitable before 2006. How? By relying on a mixture of advertising and subscriptions sold to some of the site’s 1.2 million users.