Online networking, techie style

Chris Pirillo just posted this story to his Braintrust list:


Without permission, I made this earlier today:

The video currently has a (direct) link at the top of the Channel 9 page:

In case you’re unfamiliar with Channel 9, it’s Microsoft’s group blog / community creating open communication between Microsoft developers and outside developers. It’s extremely high-traffic, and getting a link there is major good exposure for Chris & Lockergnome.

Well, Chris got an email from Lenn Pryor, creator of Channel 9, i.e., Robert Scoble’s boss, which I’m sure sent him into a momentary panic until he read Lenn’s high praise for Chris’s creative effort.

Chris explains how he accomplished this:

How? A few simple e-mails. First, to Greg Hughes, who published it to his personal blog and then to a Channel 9 forum:

I also dropped a note directly to Robert Scoble, who blogged it tonight:

The moral of this particular story is: don’t be afraid to tell folks what you’ve written, particularly if it’s original, creative, and something that’s worthy of their attention.

Jake also pulled a link coup with his Podcasting with Windows Media Player (which appears to be getting hammered right now):


I had an IM with Chris to ask him a bit more about the story, and he made a great point about what impressed him so much about Lenn Pryor’s response:

Suffice it to say, they supported their community instead of sending a cease and desist – HELLO, APPLE?!