The Elements of a Buying Decision: How Buyers Buy Webinar

coverSharon Drew Morgen is the New York Times bestselling author of Selling With Integrity: Reinventing Sales Through Collaboration, Respect, and Serving. She’s also become a very good friend of mine over the past couple of months, and was an invaluable resource for our book, contributing both her expertise and her own practices regarding dealing with large volumes of email.

I just can’t say enough good things about this absolutely brilliant lady. Even after my many years in various sales and marketing-related positions, many books read, and several training courses taken, she took everything I thought I knew about sales and turned it on its head.

She’s giving a FREE web seminar next Wednesday, October 6. This is her first one ever, and I urge you to take advantage of this rare opportunity, as she’s a very dynamic and engaging speaker, as well.

Here’s the info:

The Elements of a Buying Decision: How Buyers Buy

Date: Wednesday, October 6, 2004
Time: 11am PST | 2pm EDT
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Join Sharon Drew Morgen LIVE as she introduces The Morgen Buying Facilitation Method® – the new sales paradigm that teaches buyers how to recognize all of the internal, unique systems elements that need to be managed before they can address or resolve problems.

  • Learn why information doesn’t help buyers make buying decisions.
  • Learn the first stage of sales – supporting buyers while they recognize, align, and manage their internal decision variables.
  • See why knowing the client’s problem is not enough to close a sale.
  • Learn why it takes buyers so long to decide and how to make it more efficient for them.
  • Understand the full range of decisions buyers must manage before they will buy.
  • Learn why price objections, closing problems, objections, and competition issues are all created by the sales process itself.
  • Learn why solutions must include all internal elements that will be affected by your solution – and how you can help the buyer bring them all into the solution with you.
  • Learn how to become a true consultant to your client by being a neutral navigator and servant leader.
  • Our economy today makes it possible for buyers to get much of the information they need from the internet, but information does not teach people how to make a new decision. The job of sales must change, and Buying Facilitation teaches sellers the new skills necessary to sell effectively and efficiently in today’s environment.

Buying Facilitation is indeed a new model. It’s not just for sales, but for any influencing, collaborative conversation in which one person wishes to support another in making their very best decision.
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