What is a good blog post?

From Lee Waters on BlogOn

She’s shifting to what is a good blog post? Blog often — a lot, all day. Bob Scoble at Microsoft does 50 a day. It’s like fresh rolls. Funny is great. Let’s kick publishing’s ass here. Somebody called her on the 50 thing. There are people with good stuff to say who blog weekly. Key is the audience. Back to tips — make them short, quick, link to others. She loves to be over loaded … me, not so much. Other styles — op/ed, word of mouth. You, as an editor, can become a brand. Be something you can’t get anywhere else — that’s No. 1. Be original or die. And be faster than anyone else. Someone called it reverse voyeurism. Narcissism watch. Be daring and blunt. And of course, it’s a community.