Branded keiretsus on Always On

AlwaysOn is following the strategy of LinkedIn and Spoke in offering their services to nonprofits to gain visibility. I just got this note.

Hello David Teten,

We are pleased to announce that Audi of America is the first AlwaysOn Media Partner to launch its own Keiretsu on the AO network. AlwaysOn is the first media site to offer its partners a community building service that combines both blogging and social networking capabilities.

All AO members can join the Audi of America Keiretsu for FREE. It’s easy, so check it out!

AO members who join the Audi of America’s Keiretsu will enjoy future special offers and privileges exclusive to members.

“Our new group social network and blog site on AlwaysOn provides Audi the unique opportunity to identify smart executives and entrepreneurs in the global Silicon Valley arena and gain their feedback and create a dialogue on technology trends in our industry,” said Jim McGough, Director of Audi America.

“Our new AO Keiretsu also allows Audi enthusiasts within the AlwaysOn community to find and interact with each other. This kind of community building tool offers Audi an opportunity to target a market of smart executives in a way that has never been possible before.,” said Mr. McGough.

In the next couple of weeks, AlwaysOn is planning to roll-out additional Keiretsus on behalf of many of our other Media Partners including Sun Microsystems, KPMG, Quova, Porter Novelli and SupportSoft.

Commercial brands interested in launching their own AlwaysOn Keiretsu and learning more about our Media Partner Program should contact my partner Mike Sly at or 415.235.0358.

AlwaysOn also offers related non-profits and trade associations the Keiretsu service for at no charge. To see if your group qualifies for the AO Keiretsu program, contact Brennan Igoe at or 203.645.4521.

As always, we look forward to any feedback on our new Keiretsu offering or any other service we provide. If you would like to make your comments public to other Ao members, check out my new post at:


Tony Perkins