How to find your online home

“The biggest surprise for us is that the meetings are turning into long lasting sustainable groups that meet month after month. Whether a knitting Meetup, Political Meetup, Dog Meetup, etc., these people treat their groups like local institutions.”
– Scott Heiferman, CEO of

A question we are often asked is how does one find an appropriate online community/venue to build business relationships online?
To find a community that suits your interests, we suggest using some of the tools below as a starting point:

• Any search engine. For example, let us say that you are an Israeli living in Chicago. If you search for Israeli Community Chicago, you will pull up the “Israeli Community Chicago” at

• ASAE (the association for the people who run associations), with over 6,500 groups indexed in the US, as well as searchability for their overseas member associations:

• Yahoo! has a comprehensive, well-categorized list of association websites by industry. Try searching for professional organizations on their site.

Once you get to know people within a given community, ask around to learn what other communities the members are involved in and recommend.