Real people talking real business in real time

This is one of the more intriguing online networking success stories I’ve heard lately. Thomas Power, Chairman of Ecademy, posted the following request on his Ecademy blog earlier today:

What is your perception of T-Mobile RIGHT NOW?

I am live in Amsterdam addressing 200 T-Mobile executives and their supplier partners, I wish to illustrate to them live that Business Networking communities work with Real People, talking Real Business in Real Time.

Please post here your view or perception of T-Mobile, anything will do.

Thank you in advance.

Well, the response was overwhelming.

In front of 200 T-Mobile executives whose minds you literally blew apart with your 69 blog postings in 90 minutes, I witnessed their epiphany as they realised what an online Social Business Network looks like in Ecademy.

Mind you, Thomas had not set this up in advance. This was totally ad hoc. Also, he sent it out to his personal mailing list, not just his blog.

While the deal’s not final, this was certainly a powerful demonstration of the possibilities for online networking, and Thomas is optimistic about closing the deal with T-Mobile.

Ecademy may not be the largest of the social network sites, but they have consistently shown that they are the one most readily able to mobilize their members when needed.

David Teten and I have written an in-depth profile of Ecademy, if you’d like to learn more.