Private networks of blogs

Torsten Jacobi just mailed me to announce that he is helping a Germany, Hamburg based company called 21Publish with their launch. …

21Publish is a hosted weblog provider – not very exciting you might say, but hold your breath – 21Publish is designed to help organization use blogs effectively and has therefore a unique selling point – with 21Publish you can be your very own blog host in minutes. 21Publish aims to reap the benefits of blogging for communities such as SMEs, alumni, and associations.

Pluses of this model:
+ Socialtext and others have shown the market demand for private blog communities.

+ lots of people in this space.
+ plus, all the various free competitors.

Just as more and more people have a work email and a home email, i see more and more people having a work blog and a personal blog. Socialtext and 21Publish and others have a viable market in targeting the ‘work blog’ market.

UPDATE: Register before October 31, and your hosting is free until April 2005. For that, you get 50 users with 10MB web space per user, 50 MB web space for the host organization, and 30GB traffic per month. Come next spring, that plan will run about $35 a month for non-commercial use, $45 for commercial use.