More on Spoke's strategy

Following up on Scott Allen‘s earliest post about Spoke’s CEO stepping down:

Another concern that I have frequently heard is about Spoke’s opt-out strategy, as opposed to the opt-in strategy of firms like LinkedIn. If A knows B who knows C, then B will perhaps feel more comfortable about passing on a request to C, if C has explicitly opted-in to receive such requests. That’s how LinkedIn is structured, and it doesn’t scare people the way that an opt-out strategy scares some people.

As Auren Hoffman observed to me, another challenge that Spoke, Visible Path, and Contact Network have faced is that too many people can say ‘no’ to their product. The CEO, COO, Counsel, Head of HR, CTO, all have to approve their product. By contrast, if you sell antivirus software you really only need approval from the CTO. Use of inside-the-firewall social software requires a cultural change, and that slows down the sales cycle.