Looking for WordPress or MovableType testimonial from a non-techie

In the blogging chapter of The Virtual Handshake, we talk about the different options:
1) hosted services (Blogger, LiveJournal)
2) blog software (like w.bloggar or Radio) to author for use on a hosted service
3) running your own software (MovableType, WordPress).

I have my own little story about WordPress in there now, but I’d rather highlight someone else than myself. What I need is someone who is using WordPress or MovableType on your own server who can say something to the effect of the following to support point #3:

“This option is not as difficult as it may sound. Scott Allen used WordPress to create the TheVirtualHandshake.com blog. He had absolutely no prior knowledge of the system, or of the programming language it was written in, and just an intermediate-level knowledge of web design. He installed WordPress and had it operational in less than ten minutes; within two hours, he had it fully configured and integrated into the existing website.”

Essentially, I need a testimonial about WordPress or MovableType from a non-techie. The other requirements are that your blog MUST be:
– business-oriented
– reasonably professional in content and appearance
– planning to be at its current URL for several years!

If you meet those requirements, you could have your site linked to in our book.