100 Things About Me (Scott Allen)

I asked the students in my Virtual Handshake telecourse to do this — figured it was about time to do it myself! OK, here goes… (all links open in a separate window so you won’t lose your place)

1. I believe that, done correctly, writing about yourself is not a matter of ego, but a service to the reader, to give context to your relationship. If you don’t feel the same way, you may as well stop here.
2. Creating business relationships online is my great passion, as well as my business.
3. I’d still do it extensively even if it weren’t my business.
4. I’m co-authoring a book about it.
5. This probably won’t be in it, as they only want 80,000 words!
6. I have two more books planned after this one.
7. My co-author and I met via a Yahoo Group.
8. We have been working together over a year-and-a-half and still haven’t met face-to-face.
9. I met our agent through a contact on LinkedIn.
10. I haven’t met him in person, either (and probably won’t, at least for a long time).
11. I adore my wife and son.
12. We homeschool him.
13. Why? Because we can.
14. I have two stepsons who are grown with families of their own.
15. Their teen years were hell for all of us, but now I couldn’t be prouder of them.
16. I’m a grandpa — three times!
17. It didn’t really sink in until one Christmas, my older stepson gave my wife and me his and her coffee mugs with pictures of their baby, and the words “I love Grandpa” on it.
18. I recently started getting gray hair.
19. I’m quite happy about that and will never try to cover it up.
20. People still think I’m in my 20’s sometimes.
21. I still get carded at the grocery store. I’m hoping #18 will change that.
22. My wife and I met through swing dancing.
23. On our first date, I wasn’t paying attention (more accurately, I was paying attention to her), and I thought my glass of beer was actually a bottle. So I completely doused myself in beer when I proceeded to kick it back and take a swig.
24. We’ve been together now just over 13 years, and I’ve never done that again.
25. I used to be a champion swing dancer.
26. Yes, that’s my wife.
27. The 50 or so trophies we still have are now acting as a giant air filter in our garage. They collect more dust than an Ionic Breeze Quadra.
28. I’m a great dancer, but a better choreographer.
29. I’m a native Houstonian.
30. I’ve never lived anywhere other than Texas.
31. I have no Texas accent, which I attribute to my mother being a vocal coach.
32. I spent the better part of three summers in Sweden.
33. I’ve been to Europe two other times, once on a choir tour, and once on a handbell choir tour.
34. I’ve never been to Spain, but I kinda like the music.
35. I’ve never been to Heaven, but I’ve been to Oklahoma.
36. When I can’t think of anything else appropriate to say, I frequently quote song lyrics.
37. I’ve also been to 37 of the 50 states.
38. I planned that (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, never mind).
39. I love to travel (or hadn’t you guessed?).
40. I build relationships online with people all over the world. My goal is “a friend in every city”.
41. I’ve kissed a dolphin.
42. I love redheads (G-rated, don’t worry).
43. My first name is actually Gordon. Scott is my middle name.
44. My mother planned it that way. She wanted me to use a first initial, which she thought sounded distinguished — “G. Scott Allen”. She didn’t know about Scantron forms, which caused me great frustration throughout my childhood.
45. I always thought that I would be in pretty bad company if I used it. The only ones I could think of were F. Scott Fitzgerald, J. Edgar Hoover, and G. Gordon Liddy. Not exactly role models of dignity.
46. I wish my name were more unique. There are a lot of different Scott Allens in the world. Maybe I should start using the first initial again.
47. I was raised by mother and grandmother.
48. I didn’t really know my father until my late 20s.
49. We get along great now.
50. We IM more than we talk on the phone.
51. I think it’s pretty cool that David Allen is my uncle.
52. I didn’t know that until I was 30-something.
53. There’s a lot to be said for genetics. I’m far too much like both my father and and my uncle to explain away any other way.
54. I’ve never worked for anyone other than myself for longer than two years. I’m neither proud nor ashamed of that — just a fact.
55. I’ve had some great mentors, and been a mentor. It’s a wonderful experience.
56. Mentoring: The Tao of Giving and Receiving Wisdom is one of my all-time favorite books.
57. I usually only sleep 4-5 hours a night.
58. I “work” 15 hours a day, 6 days a week, if you can call what I do working! “If you love what you do, you never work.”
59. I joined 24-Hour Fitness and usually work out after midnight.
60. According to the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, I’m as libertarian as you can be.
61. I believe we need viable third-party politics here in the U.S.
62. No, I really don’t believe “the rules” apply to me. Isn’t that the meaning of the word “exceptional”?
63. I am on a spiritual path.
64. I honor each person’s right to find/choose his/her own.
65. The one thing I can’t stand is intolerance.
66. I believe The Art of War should be removed from business bookshelves and replaced with The Art of Peace.
67. I believe The Prince should be removed from business bookshelves and replaced with The Little Prince.
68. I believe in coopetition. A rising tide raises all ships.
69. I prefer stick shifts but don’t drive one at the moment.
70. The one thing that truly scares me is peak oil. It’s here—if not now, soon—and it’s inevitable.
71. Yet I fool myself into thinking my ’88 Corolla somehow balances out my 2000 custom high-top van.
72. I want a wind turbine for my house.
73. I wish I knew more about sustainability and ecology than I do.
74. I’m an ENTP.
75. 15 years ago, they were all pegged at the extreme, and now, everything except E is very close to the middle.
I take that as a sign that I’ve achieved more balance in my life.
76. I love games — pool, chess, checkers, Monopoly, darts, Stratego, Dungeons & Dragons, you name it.
77. I play guitar.
78. I also play electric bass.
79. Yes, I picked up bass after guitar.
80. Yes, I’m a frustrated guitar player.
81. I’m still a darn good bass player and played professionally for several years.
82. Geddy Lee, Chris Squier, and Stuart Hamm are my favorite bass players.
83. Stevie Ray Vaughan is my favorite guitar player.
84. But I emulate Billy Gibbons and Eric Clapton more — they don’t play as many notes!
85. I know that speed without musicality is junk, but musicality without speed is still wonderful.
86. I love writing.
87. I love public speaking even more.
88. I’m living the life I love.
89. #58 will have to change in order for me to still be able to say that six months from now.
90. OK, three months from now.
91. I sing in the shower. And the car. And the bathroom. And anywhere else I won’t drive anyone else crazy with it.
92. I find yardwork invigorating.
93. I don’t feel the same about housework. I’d hire a maid before lawn care.
94. I love good food. A little too much.
95. I’m the cook in my house.
96. I’m also the masseur.
97. I think those two things have saved my marriage!
98. I have a million-dollar idea at least once a month. Now I just need $100,000 a month throw at them.
99. I deeply appreciate well-designed products.
100. My life wouldn’t make a very interesting book or movie, but it would make a great collection of short stories.