Jigsaw.com–creative new business model

I think Jigsaw : The Business Contact Exchange has a very creative business model. I learned about them from a conversation I had with Vanessa DiMauro of CXO Systems. Many people will be offended by the idea that Robert gets benefit by selling Simon’s contacts…but fortunately, the Jigsaw system is anonymous. Jigsaw has potential to be quite successful, if they do not get sued into submission.

From their site:

Jigsaw is a Business Contact Exchange. Members exchange contact data they have for contact data they need.

Jigsaw is a collaborative system. Each member provides a few pieces of the puzzle. Jigsaw assembles them for the benefit of the community.

Quality contacts. Members are given strong incentives to add quality contacts and help keep them current. All contacts in Jigsaw have complete contact information

Mission:Jigsaw’s mission is to map every business organization on the planet, contact by contact, and keep them current through a collaborative effort. The resulting database will help business people perform their jobs more strategically and efficiently.

Value Proposition:For every contact a member adds, s/he gets two in return.

How does Jigsaw work?Members join Jigsaw in order to get contacts. Contacts are obtained with points.
Points are obtained by adding contacts, correcting contacts and referring other members.

Members choose which of their contacts go into Jigsaw. Members usually exchange contacts of lesser value for those of much higher value. All contacts are added anonymously.

Every contact in Jigsaw requires five points regardless of title or position.

Adding a contact earns ten points – provided other members don’t challenge the entry. Challenged contacts result in a ten point penalty. (Jigsaw is a self-correcting system).

Referrals drive Jigsaw’s growth. Members get 150 points for each referral (25 contacts).

Jigsaw is NOT:

A data aggregator (like Hoovers). Jigsaw leverages the collective knowledge of its members to provide great contacts at all levels of an organization.

Contact Management (like Plaxo). Jigsaw is for finding contacts you don’t have.

Social Networking (like Linked-In or Spoke). Jigsaw is about contact information, not relationships. Use Jigsaw when you need to find specific contacts at a given company and want to contact them directly.

Business Model:
Jigsaw is currently free, but will charge a flat $25 monthly fee upon formal launch. The low cost and the very high quality of contacts will help Jigsaw to quickly grow into a global community and create an unprecedented map of the business world.