Video: Thomas Power's Top 10 Tips for Networking

Ecademy founder and Chairman Thomas Power shares his Top 10 Tips for Networking (Windows Media streaming video) in this 27-minute video clip.

Thomas is a dynamic speaker, and this is definitely worth your time to watch. Thomas and I have a little different philosophy on one point, which is that Thomas definitely practices and preaches a “bigger is better” notion of networking. In private conversation, he qualifies that, but in this video, I must admit that he makes as compelling a case for it as I’ve heard.

In summary, his top 10 tips discussed in the video are:

1. Collect people
2. Respect geography
3. Start a club
4. Relax and be yourself
5. Go for volume over “quality”
6. Listen for link words
7. Make a match – live
8. Disturb your comfort zone
9. Read new material
10. Manage your reputation