Online networking for women

A reader of our blog wrote in with the following observation and question:

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about both the aging baby boomers and the social networking trend. It seems to me like there might be a lot of opportunity in the middle aged women sphere. I’ve done some looking around, but at this point I haven’t found ANYTHING that caters to anyone but business people or young adults. Do you know of anyone filling this space?

Keep in mind that many “business networking sites” are, for the most part, just online communities with one new feature, and it’s not even really a defining feature (at least not on some sites). So, regarding “business networking sites”, yes, there are a number that cater to women:
World Women In Technology
International Virtual Women’s Chamber of Commerce
A Woman’s Place (an Ecademy Trusted Network)

That’s just a few — there are many more, even if they’re not getting much attention in the current hype about social networking sites. There are dozens focused on work-at-home moms (WAHMs), as well. And, of course, within the broad sites, there are numerous sub-networks/clubs/groups specifically for women. 8 of the top 20 busiest networks on Ryze are specifically for women, and 5 more of them are predominantly female in their membership, even if not specifically named/positioned as being for women.

Maybe no one has created yet, but they’re certainly not being left out. In fact, judging from the activity on Ryze, it appears women are taking to online networking very well.