In the process of brainstorming titles for our upcoming book, one of the techniques I applied was one suggested by Sam Horn, author of such cleverly-titled books as ConZentrate, Tongue Fu! and Take the Bully by the Horns. One of the techniques she teaches for developing book, chapter, and speech titles is “alphabetizing”, which involves making a list of some of the key words you use to talk about your topic, and swapping out individual letters at various places in the word.

In the process, I came up with several things that weren’t applicable to our book, but were pretty funny, playing off “networking”. Here for your amusement:

Meeting people at an insane asylum = “nutworking”

Talking business at a poker game = “betworking”

People who stand in the corner and just watch = “netlurking”

Chatting it up with the people next to you on the plane = “jetworking”

Chatting it up at the local doggy park = “petworking”

Hanging out at the VFW Hall = “vetworking”

Getting a little sloshed at the cocktail party = “wetworking”

Building relationships with people from your Ropes course = “knotworking”

Hooking up with fellow Trekkies = “netKirking” (OK, it’s a stretch)

Talking business at Thanksgiving = “netturkeying”

Meeting people for cocktails atop Sears Tower = “dizziness networking”

For the self-conscious among you, constantly wondering what everyone else thinks of you = “networrying”

And having bad etiquette in an online social network = “netjerking”