As if e-mail weren't complicated enough

The most frustrating thing to me about spam is not the matter of having to deal with the flood of it I still receive. I don’t like it, but I just delete whatever my spam filters don’t catch and go on my way.

No, what’s frustrating is being a small business owner with only a moderate amount of technical expertise and trying to deal with countering all the spam prevention measures that make it difficult for me to deliver legitimate individual email. You can get blacklisted for what someone else does who happens to be on the same server at your hosting provider. And it’s practically impossible to get off them. And whitelist email permission systems? Can’t stand ’em — it’s a classic case of shifting the burden. Make me go visit a web page and type in a code in order to talk to you? And why do I still inexplicably get “relaying denied” messages when I’m not relaying?!?

As if that weren’t all complicated enough, now industry analysts are saying that email authentication is no longer optional. I’m a reasonably tech-savvy guy, and I have to say, my eyes glaze over just reading about this stuff. How in the world is the typical user supposed to figure all this out?

My only hope is that it will be slightly less complicated than the current situation, and maybe email will become a reliable, useful medium again.