Copy editor now gets 80% of her business through Ryze

I met Jenny Meadows back in January. An expatriate South African living in Austin A native Texan with a love of South Africa, where she visits as often as the law will allow, Jenny is a copy editor, and has been very successful in growing her business through Ryze:

Hi Scott,

Networking isn’t new to me, but online networking is. I started in-person networking with a local business group last August, shortly after getting my website up and running. One of the members told me about Ryze. I signed up, and things have been very different ever since.

I went from having an on-again, off-again stream of clients to being booked solid (no pun intended) for months. I guesstimate that I get 80% of my business from Ryzers. I’ve even had Ryzers refer non-Ryzers to me! Most cool.

Writers & Editors was where I started out, getting 3 books while I was in South Africa. Love the Internet! Then I joined Ecademy and LinkedIn, but nothing much has come of them.

When Terry [Brejla] started USWG [Ultimate Serious Writers Group], I leaped at the opportunity to get onto a board with strong leadership. So far no contracts with new folks there, but I am answering several queries from them.

Jenny Meadows
Austin TX and Cape Town SA