ContactSpan–another social network visibility site

On the Harvard-startups mailing list, I saw this note below, about another competitor to Spoke/LinkedIn/VisiblePath/ContactNetwork/etc. It’s very unclear to me what distinguishes them; I welcome any insights you have.

We would like to invite you to join a business
networking service called ContactSpan
) .

ContactSpan is an online business network that helps
you connect to decision makers, find jobs, close
deals, recruit employees, raise capital, etc.
ContactSpan leverages your existing network of
contacts to help you find the most efficient and
relevant path to an individual or organization via a
chain of trusted referrals.

Business networking technology was chosen as the
Technology of the Year by Business 2.0. The
technology has been featured as a highly effective
professional tool in Time, U.S. News & World Report,
the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, CBS, NBC, BBC,
eWeek, Washington Post and other business media.
ContactSpan is your entry point into more effective

Using ContactSpan, you can extend the reach of your
business network instantaneously. For instance, if
your personal network consisted of 100 business
relationships, each of whom have 100 other
relationships, your available network through
ContactSpan would expand to over 10,000 individuals.

The key for making this work is a trusted referral
system regulated by ContactSpan’s strict privacy
policy. Contact between ContactSpan members take
place based on existing relationships and approved
referrals only.

ContactSpan recently launched and its extended network
has grown to over 25,000 relationships in a matter of
weeks. Already, there have been compelling success

“I used ContactSpan to find a marketing expert to help
me launch a new product. A search and referral
request introduced me to a colleague of a close friend
with specific expertise launching children’s products.
The results were great and ContactSpan created a
connection that I didn’t even realize that I had.”

– Brandy G., Media Executive

We encourage you to experience ContactSpan firsthand
by visiting It’s free to use and
we are confident that it will make your business more efficient.

The ContactSpan Team