Good move, Monster announced May 24 their intent to buy Tickle for one million shares of stock and $29.5 million in cash.

Good move for Monster. Monster added networking functionality to their site last year, but it never really took off. Lots of activity, but not much productivity.

“Tickle’s expertise in career assessment testing, networking and matching, combined with the viral nature of those businesses, dovetails perfectly with Monster’s vast user base,” Monster CEO Andrew McKelvey said in the release. “With scientific research at its foundation, Tickle adds yet another layer to Monster’s screening and hiring tools, providing recruiters a window into a candidate’s personality and work preferences that goes beyond past achievements to who they are and their fit within the hiring organization.”

This has also prompted me to take a closer look at Tickle, which I haven’t looked at in a while. They’re shifting more towards business/career networking, and are profitable ($25 million in sales in the past 12 months), which is a good thing. More on Tickle in an upcoming post.