Weblog Invasion Tour begins

This is just a great idea… Peter Caputa and Matthew Welty have come up with the North American Summer Weblog Invasion Tour.

Starting today, Peter and Matt will pick a new blog every day to “invade”, meaning they’ll read the posts, link to it, and comment on it extensively — all in a “we-think-your-blog-is-cool-so-we-want-to-engage-you-in-conversation” way, with the hope of persuading the owner of the blog to join the tour for the next site.

This is a great way to bring some activity and attention to some high-quality, newer blogs that may be having a hard time fighting the power law effect.

Their first victim? Steve Rubel’s Micro Persuasion, which they picked for the following reasons:

– He has original thoughts.
– He writes about tech and marketing topics. Specifically, the effect of tech/internet on marketing and PR.
– He is relatively new to blogging, or atleast his blog is relatively new.
– He has a big blogroll, so he probably reads a lot and is open to a lot of perspectives.
– Some of the biggish blogging names comment on his blog. (eg Scott Allen, Jeremy Zawodny)

Peter gets extra points, of course, for calling me a “biggish blogging name”. I guess I’m now micro-famous. 🙂

If you’d like to join the tour, just add Peter’s and/or Matthew’s blogs to your aggregator: