IBDNetwork Dealmaker Community

I just received a Spoke invitation to join the “IBDNetwork Dealmaker Community“, from Debbie Landa (below).

Spoke Associations is an intriguing product for supporting existing groups. But I have to say, I do not buy the model underlying this particular email. From my perspective, it is attempting to build a group out of nothing.

1. It confuses personal-based networks and group-based networks.

2. It assumes trust where it doesn’t exist. I’ve never met ‘Debbie’.

3. There’s very little trust in this network, therefore not very high value. Paying $95 to join this network , which doesn’t appear to have significant barriers to entry, doesnt do much for my trust level with the other members.

The two most common sources of trust:

a) working and getting to know someone personally, or
b) being a member of a common group with barriers to entry and penalties for misbehavior, e.g, a fraternity or an alumni association, or an attendee at Renaissance Weekend.

This falls in neither category.

4. And it calls me by my last name in the invitation, which is just odd.

Teten, Please join our network!

IBDNetwork has just launched the Dealmaker Network powered by Spoke Associations, a new application that helps you identify your personal network and find new connections through fellow community members. The Dealmaker Network offers the following benefits:

1. Warm introductions to countless professionals
2. Experience more success and fluidity in networking with one another
3. Ability to find jobs, prospect for opportunities, or close deals more quickly and efficiently
4. Garner more value from being a friend of IBDNetwork

There is zero data entry involved, and you control your relationships with complete privacy. The system never reveals who you know, but it makes the connection and referral process quick and easy. Plus, the more who join, the bigger the network!

Click the “Sign Up Now” button on the right to join our network now. I look forward to seeing you online.


Debbie Landa
CEO, IBDNetwork