Interesting perspective on creating your social networking profiles

Erik van Bekkum did something really interesting in creating his Ecademy profile — he enlisted the help of his friends.

In case you’re not familiar, Ecademy has as one element of its profile a field called “50 Words”. It’s intended to be a list of keywords that describe you both personally and professionally. It can also help you find other people like you by searching for the members with the most matched words.

It is quite an exercise in reductionism to try to capture your identity, your essence, in 50 words. Erik enlisted the help of his friends:

I tried to stay away from the business keywords only and introduce personal ones as well. To do this I started off with 15 personal keywords and 15 business keywords. Then I let my associates put in four new ones of each category and take one or two out from the ones I came up with (as long as they are motivated..). I did the same with some friends who were able to describe me better than I myself. The result is that I have a list of words that could describe me from my personal perspective (who I think I am, or want to become) and from the perspective of people that know me (who people think I am, or have been).

via Jack Vinson